Monday, March 19, 2012

Update on Running

     So that whole running thing I was talking about? It went away. Not totally, but definitely has been on the back burner. Between working two jobs and figuring out my senior year schedule, I am TIRED. My friend Shannon and I did manage to go on a two hour walk last week and I went on another one by myself, and I ended up waitressing for a total of 19.5 hours this weekend unexpectedly (was only expecting maybe 10 or 12 hours...), so that's something I suppose. Shannon and I are walking again tonight, too.

     Last week, when we went walking we went on a new route along the Charles River. It was so beautiful out and the paths along the river were really cool, I didn't know they were even there! Then we discovered that Boston was basically burning down. Not seriously, but there was a huge fire downtown and as we walked by we got to see the smoke clouds. Then we got to walk through said smoke clouds. And then we got to cough. My dad texted me saying the smoke was toxic right as we were walking through it, so the was certainly a pleasant experience. It ended up not being toxic, just gross. A transformer had blown downtown in a parking garage and there was a MAJOR blackout. Most of downtown Boston was without power for a day or two. I was right on the edge of the power outage so luckily I still had it.

Here is a picture of lovely, smoke filled Boston:

Poor city. But it has recovered nicely, and we have since been rewarded with beautiful weather. :) And drunk St. Patty's day celebrators, but that's another story.

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