Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Food Truck Stop: The Cupcakory

Food Trucks!

Awesomely enough, the Boston food truck The Cupcakory came close to my internship the other day. The company I intern for is awesome in that they always set up fun treats for us (We actually have a cookie day once a month and cookies get delivered to the office!).So, they emailed us around lunchtime to say that The Cupcakory truck would be in the area. Who could resist. So, I did a little research...

They have a few fun flavors listed online like these, which I pulled off of their website {Cupcakory}.

Salted Caramel
our signature cupcake—chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream on top

Peanut Butter & Chocolate
chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting

chocolate or vanilla cake with nutella buttercream

Chocolate Espresso
chocolate cake with espresso buttercream topped with a chocolate covered espresso bean

Birthday Cake
traditional yellow butter cake with chocolate frosting topped with colorful confetti

Now, salted caramel anything is my weakness (see previous post on cookies!), so I knew immediately which one I was getting.They use mostly organic and naturally sourced ingredients, and everything sounded delicious! I LOVED that they frost each cake individually, to order. Instead of those cupcake bakeries that frost once and then leave them in the case all day so either the cake or frosting is dry and part of it tastes like plastic (I've been to a few of those. bleh.) I got my salted caramel and took a few pictures before I took a huge bite.

Pretty, isn't it? The frosting looked really promising with little globs of caramel over the top, and the cake looked super chocolaty and moist.

Verdict?: Really good! I was definitely a fan, and if I saw this truck again I would grab one. $3 seems like the standard for bakery cupcakes, so the price was okay for an afternoon pick-me-up. The cake itself reminded me of the boxed devil's food cake mixes a little bit (which is NOT a bad thing) and the frosting could have been maybe a little sweeter? But the cake and frosting had the most perfect texture and totally hit the spot.

Such a convenient way to get your sugar fix!


  1. Yummy ! Let's hunt down this truck when I'm in Boston ;)